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2023: A year full of challenges ahead 

The new year just began but one thing is already clear: 2023 will be as challenging as 2022. In this article you can read more about the coming trends this year. 

In 2023, change will be the only constant 

This year, we will see an acceleration and intensification of the ongoing changes. 

Trends For 2023: The Changes Shaping The Year Ahead

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Politics is back

War in Ukraine, economic crisis, climate change… This year politics will have to deal with many complex issues. 

Key political issues that will define 2023

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Business as usual?
This year will also be interesting for the business: Anything can happen. 

Business trends, risks and people to watch in 2023

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Big tech coming 

In 2023, the extended use of new technologies will only increase. 

Tech trends 2023: Flying taxis and satellite phones

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Image by Epic Images from Pixabay