Top 5: Processed foods may cause cancer; Massive strikes in England; Iran, Russian banks link to evade sanctions; US, India partnership to target China; Will AI replace journalists?

by SQUID Business Team

Ultra-processed foods ‘may increase the risk of cancer’

[The Independant] The researchers found that for every 10% increase in ultra-processed food in a person’s diet, there was a 2% increased risk of cancer overall, and a 19% increased risk for ovarian cancer specifically.


England: Strikes hit schools as teachers join mass walkout

(BBC) Thousands of schools are expected to be closed today as teachers in England and Wales walk out over pay


Iran and Russia link banks to evade Western sanctions

[Euronews] Iran and Russia have taken a key step toward linking their banking systems in a move that further boosts their cooperation in the face of Western sanctions, an Iranian official said.


U.S., India partnership targets arms and AI to compete with China

[Reuters] -The White House is launching a partnership with India on Tuesday that President Joe Biden hopes will help the countries compete against China on military equipment, semiconductors and artificial intelligence (AI).


Will ChatGPT and other AI tools replace journalists in newsrooms?

(Euronews) Will artificial intelligence (AI) soon replace journalists? Many have been asking this question since the boom of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, which can write a high school essay. a poem, or even pass a medical licensing exam in a matter of seconds.