Top stories in times of vacation & travel

Discount rail travel: Thousands of cheap train fares for France are on sale from today

[Euronews] The reductions have been financed by the state as a way of helping holidaymakers save money. If you’re hoping to travel around Europe on a budget this summer, there’s good news from France.


The 7 ways to spot a holiday scam, according to our expert

[The Mirror] Millions of us are making up for lost sunshine, and taking extra trips to compensate for the dark days of lockdown during the pandemic. Unfortunately, villains know we are desperate to travel – and that finances are tight. The number of online scams appears to be at an all-time high, targeting people who cannot afford to lose a small fortune.



The ‘perfect’ hidden UK cove that only locals know about with crystal clear water

[The Sun] A hidden UK cove that remains relatively unknown has been described as a “perfect” place to go for a swim.Crowded beaches can become a bit overwhelming during the summer months, but there are quieter places to go for a more peaceful dip.