Storms Leave Seven US States With Power Outages: Weather Watch

The aftermath of ugly storms in the eastern US are on Bloomberg Green’s radar today.

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Hundreds of thousands of people in seven eastern US states are still without power following deadly thunderstorms and heavy rain on Monday.

High winds that toppled trees, downed powerlines and damaged buildings were reported in at least 904 locations in the US, with most of the damage occurring mainly in the South and Mid-Atlantic regions Monday, the US Storm Prediction Center said. In addition, the agency received 151 reports of hail across the Great Plains and Appalachian Mountains that broke numerous car windows.

At least two people died, according to the Associated Press.

Across the US, 1,766 flights were scrubbed, according to FlightAware, an airline tracking service. In addition, hundreds of thousands of customers are still without electricity, according to as of 8:11 a.m. New York time. The seven eastern states impacted are Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. 

While the weather has cleared across the Mid-Atlantic, flood watches and warnings are out across New England Tuesday with a threat of additional heavy rain.

In other weather news:

Portugal: More than 1,000 people fled a wildfire in southern Portugal, as Europe’s latest blast of heat intensified over the Iberian peninsula.Over 800 firefighters were battling to contain a blaze near the town Odemira, as strong winds drove a blaze in the wooded hills where the Portuguese regions of Alentejo and the Algarve meet. 

Central Europe: Slovenia is beginning to assess the human and economic toll from flooding that’s inundated parts of the country as the Alpine nation of 2.1 million took the brunt of record rainfall in central Europe.

Tropics: South Korea’s government urged its industrial sector to be prepared for damages from Typhoon Khanun as the storm approaches the nation’s shores this week. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Lan has formed in the Pacific southeast of Japan. It is tracking more or less in the direction of Tokyo, but its five days out and there could be a deviation in the track. 

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