Invesco’s Family of Money-Making ETF Spinoffs

On this episode of Trillions, we explore the success of its Q series of exchange-traded funds.

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Invesco’s QQQ Trust Series 1, aka QQQ, is synonymous with tech investing—and performance, given that it’s nearly doubled the S&P 500 over the last decade. But because the almost $200 billion exchange-traded fund was created as a unit investment trust, it hasn’t made any money for Invesco,which added the ETF to its portfolio in the 2006 acquisition of PowerShares. What’s Invesco doing about that? Launching money-making spinoffs, of course.

On this episode of Trillions, Eric Balchunas and Joel Weber discuss QQQ’s history as well as Invesco’s success with its Q-themed family, including QQQM, QQQJ and QQQS. Athanasios Psarofagis of Bloomberg Intelligence and reporter Katie Greifeld, who wrote about the Qs in a new Bloomberg Businessweek article, join to discuss. 

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