Storms Churn Across Atlantic in Hurricane Threat: Weather Watch

The start to the most active part of hurricane season is on Bloomberg Green’s radar today.

(Bloomberg) — Three tropical storms are currently churning across the Atlantic Ocean in a dazzling start to the most active part of hurricane season. Traditionally, the basin starts to spin up its most powerful storm after Aug. 20 with the statistical peak arriving on Sept. 10.Tropical Storms Emily, Franklin and Gert have all popped up in the last 24 hours. Of the trio, Franklin is the most dangerous as it will bring heavy rain to Puerto Rico and make a direct hit on Hispaniola, the island home of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, on Tuesday into Wednesday. Emily will drift away from land and Gert is forecast to break up soon.

As much as 15 inches of rain could fall across Hispaniola, which would trigger dangerous flooding and landslides on Haiti and Dominican Republic. If the storm survives the passage over the island it is expected to build to hurricane strength in the central Atlantic far from land.In addition to those three, there is an 80% chance a patch of thunderstorms and showers in the Gulf of Mexico could also spin up into a tropical storm in the next few days driving into southern Texas or northern Mexico. It is currently forecast to pass south of the main offshore oil and natural gas production region in the Gulf.Finally, another storm is brewing near Cape Verde off Africa’s coast.

In other weather news:

Southwest US: The region is bracing for dangerous flooding in the wake of Hurricane Hilary as remnants of the storm batter Southern California and parts of Nevada. 

Central US: Electric-grid taxing heat will bear down across the central US from Minnesota to Texas and as far east as Kentucky this week. Pierre, South Dakota is forecast to reach 105F on Tuesday, while St. Louis is expected to hit 102 on Wednesday. Dallas, which has only had two August days below 100, will be at least 105 degrees or hotter through Thursday.

Pacific Northwest: Unhealthy to hazardous air is drifting across parts of Oregon and Washington as wildfires continue to blaze away in the region. Air quality alerts are up in both states, as well as neighboring Idaho and Montana.

China: The country’s northeastern grain basket is bracing for another deluge of heavy rain, heaping more pain on farmers in the region who have already seen fields flooded and crops damaged by wild weather this month.

Europe: Parts of Europe will remain much hotter than normal this week as wild fires destroy homes and force evacuations in parts of Greece. 

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