The biggest fashion trends this autumn

New season, new trends. Step into autumn with confidence by securing your autumn style.  Here ́are the biggest trends you need to know about.  

Oversized Outerwear 

As always, you can never go wrong with oversized outerwear during the autumn…especially not this season. Put on your best wool coat, puffer, or LBC (Long Black Coat) and this trend will keep you warm and cozy while being stylish, a win-win right? 

Rich Jewel Tones 

Deep, luxurious jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red are expected to dominate the color palette for this autumn. 

Textured Fabrics 

Autumn 2023 is all about textures – think plush velvets, cozy corduroy, and tactile bouclé. Mixing different textures is a good way to make the outfit go from basic to bold. 

Quiet elegance 

Talking about basics…the quiet elegance is back, and so is the white shirt. Pair that white shirt with some well-cut jeans, and you will nail this trend. Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated.  

Leather Everything 

Leather isn’t just for jackets anymore – even though the leather jacket will be essential – you can also expect leather dresses, skirts, pants, and even shirts. The versatility of leather will help you create both an edgy and polished look.

Scarf Dressing 

Another trend that will keep you warm is the scarf dressing, and you might wonder what does that even mean? On the runways, we have seen the biggest brands throwing scarves,  blankets, and shrugs over all different kinds of outfits. Experiment with a pin and you have yourself a scarf-jacket.

Mixed Patterns 

Mixing and clashing patterns is a bold move that’s gaining popularity. Try pairing unexpected prints together, like plaid with animal print or floral with stripes. Or you can just go all in on the floral pattern that unexpectedly will be a popular pattern for this autumn season. 

Monochrome Ensembles 

Wearing a single color from head to toe is a chic way to make a statement, and especially if you do this in a pastel-yellow-gold tone which is the other trendy color palette for this season.

By experimenting with layers, patterns, and bold colors your wardrobe can transform together with the autumn leaves, and you will master the art of the autumn attire. Because even though it sometimes feels like it, dressing warm doesn’t necessarily have to mean dressing ugly!