UK police say explosive experts called to vehicle at Channel Tunnel terminal

LONDON (Reuters) -British Army explosive experts have been called to inspect a suspicious vehicle at the Channel Tunnel terminal in Kent, south east England, local police said on Friday, leading to further travel delays as a manhunt for an escaped prisoner continues.

The police said the suspicious vehicle was not linked to the ongoing search for Daniel Khalife, a former army soldier suspected of terrorism offences who escaped from a prison on Wednesday.

Security services are carrying out enhanced checks at UK departure points as part of their efforts to find the escaped prisoner.

There were already delays at the Channel Tunnel terminal, where cars and lorries wishing to travel to France board trains, because of the search for Khalife.

Police said in a separate statement that two junctions on the motorway which leads to the terminal had been closed as a result of the enhanced checks.

(Reporting by Sarah Young and Farouq Suleiman; Editing by Michael Holden)