China’s Contagious Crisis, Singapore Fun: Saturday Asia Briefing

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(Bloomberg) — With Max Verstappen and Post Malone among the thousands descending on Singapore for its preeminent tourism event, the little red dot is in the spotlight this week. Elsewhere in the region, optimism fueled by Arm’s successful IPO gave way to fears of a semiconductor slowdown, while China’s yawning property crisis could have far-reaching effects. Here’s your guide to the weekend. 

An exodus of funds from Chinese assets — $188 billion in under two years — is reinforcing China’s decoupling from the global market.

China’s EV makers, under investigation by the EU, are using an old strategy to lure European consumers to their little-known brands.

How much would you pay a consultant to get your kid into Harvard? $100,000? $500,000? Here’s a super-rich guide to college entrance.

Extreme weather is forcing airports to adapt by moving equipment to rooftops in case of floods, re-laying runways and boosting air-con.

The post-Covid surge in retail theft in Europe and the US has led to the rise of a new wave of gang activity dubbed the flash rob.

Is it time for a changing of the guard in New York’s venerable Dow Jones index? If so, Alphabet could finally unthrone Intel.

Mealworm margaritas and jellyfish martinis are set to stretch Singaporean palettes at new sustainable-food restaurant Fura.

Meanwhile, Asia continues to down more Scotch, with Singapore alone swallowing more than $200 million of the stuff in six months.

How long before a mega-concert should you buy tickets? From Taylor Swift to Blackpink, here’s when the price is cheapest.

More weekend reading:

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  • And where in the world is Li Shangfu?

Have a turbocharged weekend. 

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