Welcome to Robertsport, Liberia’s surfing paradiseSat, 07 Oct 2023 01:37:33 GMT

With his broken surfboard pointed skywards, a child steps out into the sea. In recent years, the fishing village of Robertsport has become a popular spot for lovers of the sport from Liberia and beyond.Experienced surfers give lessons to young people in this town in the southwest of the country, teaching them about the ocean, swimming and catching waves. A local club, along with the NGO Provide The Slide, supply them with boards.On a beach dotted with rocks, Oscar, shirtless and lying on the sand, uses his arms to show a young girl standing next to him how to row in the water. His wide strokes make marks on the ground.Surfing is also about knowing your surroundings. Sitting in a circle, young surfers learn about the ocean during a lesson on the beach.Behind them, fishermen try to get their boats back on dry land. The fishermen and the surfers share the beach in harmony — lined up in single file, they pull a fishing net together — and some of the fishermen are also surfers themselves.After the introduction on dry land, it’s time for action. Boards under their arms, two surfers step into the water, ready to do battle with the waves.Samuel is already at work, successfully completing his turn.Offshore, another youngster, stretched out on his board, paddles quietly alongside a canoe.