Israel Latest: Israel Death Toll Rises to 700; US Sends Carrier

Israel said at least 700 were killed in the country since Hamas attacked, as fighting continued for a second day. The US said it’s moving a six-vessel aircraft carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and is augmenting its fighter aircraft squadrons in the region.

(Bloomberg) — Israel said at least 700 were killed in the country since Hamas attacked, as fighting continued for a second day. The US said it’s moving a six-vessel aircraft carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and is augmenting its fighter aircraft squadrons in the region. 

The Israeli army has regained control over some areas that were breached by militants from the Gaza Strip in violence that erupted Saturday. At least 370 Palestinians have been killed in fighting and retaliatory attacks.

The operation by Hamas — which included taking scores of Israeli hostages — was an unprecedented incursion that has shaken regional stability and markets. Israel officially declared war and says it won’t stop until Hamas’s military infrastructure is dismantled, a task that seems likely to include a ground invasion and take months.

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Palestinian Observer at UN Defiant Ahead of Security Council (10:28 p.m.)

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian observer at the United Nations, took a defiant tone in comments to reporters ahead of a special Security Council session, saying his people had repeatedly warned the Security Council about “the consequences of Israeli impunity and international inaction.”

“We know only too well that the messages about Israel’s right to defend itself will be interpreted by Israel as license to kill, to pursue on the very path that led us here,” Mansour said.

Islamic Jihad Says 30 Hostages Held (9:25 a.m.)

Palestinian Islamic Jihad is holding more than 30 Israeli hostages that will not be freed until all Islamic Jihad prisoners in Israel are also freed, the group’s leader, Ziad Al-Nakhala, said in a televised address. 

Israel Says ‘Every Inch of Gaza’ Is Part of Hamas ‘War Machine’ (9:21 p.m.)

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said “every inch of Gaza has become part of Hamas’ war machine,” vowing that his country would “obliterate” all of the group’s terror infrastructure.

Despite the violence, Israel is sticking to efforts to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia, he said, charging that suspending that bid would only benefit Iran.

“There are moderate countries in our region tha

t want to normalize relations and live in peace and coexistence, and definitely Saudi Arabia is part of them,” he said, speaking to reporters before a closed-door session of the UN Security Council on the issue.

Four US Citizens Believed Dead: AP (8:57 p.m.)

At least four American citizens were killed in the attacks on Israel, the Associated Press reported, citing preliminary reports from an unnamed US official. 

US Sends Warships, Munitions in Show of Force (8:35 p.m.)

A six-vessel US naval group including the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier is headed to the eastern Mediterranean to “bolster regional deterrence efforts,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement. Additional US equipment and resources, including munitions, will arrive in the coming days, he said.

President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by phone for the second time in two days. Biden told Netanyahu during the call that additional military assistance for Israel “is now on its way,” according to a White House statement.

Erdogan: Regional Problems Stem From Palestinian Issue (5:45 p.m.)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his call for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.

“The basis of the problems in our region today is the Palestine issue. Unless the issue is resolved, the region will long for peace,” Erdogan said in Istanbul on Sunday, “It is important to preserve the two-state solution.”

Israel to Prepare for Evacuations in North (5:30 p.m.)

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant instructed officials to prepare for the evacuation of civilians from communities in the country’s north. The program would be similar to evacuations that have taken place in more than 20 communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

US Checking Reports Citizens Killed, Taken Hostage (5:30 p.m.)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US is “working very actively” to verify reports that “several Americans” are among the dead.

“At the same time, there are reports of Americans being taken hostage. There too, we’re working to get the facts and find out if those reports are accurate,” he said on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Netanyahu Says Europeans Support Israel’s Right to Defend (5:25 p.m.)

Netanyahu spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Sunday. All four expressed unreserved support for Israel’s right to defend itself, Netanyahu said.

Iran President Talks To Hamas, Calls For Mideast Support (4:40 p.m.)

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi spoke with leaders of the militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad and “reviewed the situation underway in the occupied lands,” the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency said. 

Muslim governments should support the Palestinian people, Raisi said. “The hostile Israelis should know the equations have changed. Iran supports the legitimate defense of the Palestinian people.”

While Israel has said it suspects Iran is involved, Tehran has not explicitly said it aided the attacks. Blinken has said there’s no immediate evidence Iran directed the attack.

Stocks Sink Across Mideast as Markets React (3:58 p.m.) 

The fallout from Saturday’s surprise attack reverberated through Middle East markets, sending stocks sliding and setting the tone for what’s likely to be a volatile week.

Major equities gauges in the region fell Sunday, led by a 6.4% drop on Israel’s benchmark TA-35 stock index, its biggest loss in more than three years. The Tadawul All Share Index in Riyadh fell 1.6% while stocks in Qatar and Kuwait also weakened.



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