Best Buy Is Ditching DVDs in 2024

This will be the last holiday season for DVD sales at Best Buy Co.

(Bloomberg) — This will be the last holiday season for DVD sales at Best Buy Co.

The retailer is ditching DVDs both in store and online starting in 2024, a watershed moment for shoppers who once counted the days until the latest releases were available to purchase.

“Making this change gives us more space and opportunity to bring customers new and innovative tech for them to explore, discover and enjoy,” a Best Buy spokesperson said in a statement.

Entertainment represents just 6% of Best Buy’s total revenue in the US. Physical movies will still be available through the holiday season, and the change won’t impact video games, the company said.

Since Netflix first launched its streaming service in 2007, consumers have shifted away from purchasing physical movies as well as DVD and Blu-Ray players. With thousands of movies and TV shows available to stream from companies including Disney, Hulu, Amazon and Apple, DVDs have become all but obsolete.

Earlier this year, Netflix shut down its original business of delivering DVDs by mail, 25 years after introducing a revolution in at-home TV viewing.

Walmart Inc., Target Corp., and Inc. still sell DVDs.

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