Thousands stage largest anti-Israeli march in Morocco since normalisation

RABAT (Reuters) – Thousands marched in Rabat on Sunday in support of Palestinians under siege in Gaza, in the biggest anti-Israeli protest since the 2020 normalisation of diplomatic relations.

At the march, organised by Islamists and leftist groups, protesters chanted: “Palestine is resisting” and “All against normalisation” as they burned an Israeli flag.

“I denounce the double standards of many Western governments regarding Palestinians,” said Charki Lahrech at the protest, saying some nations were turning a blind eye to Israel’s retaliatory strikes after the attack by Hamas militants.

“You cannot denounce Hamas acts and look away from Israeli killing of civilians including children, women and the elderly … This is a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people to tell them you are not alone.”

Morocco, which has a defence cooperation pact with Israel, backs a two-state solution in the Middle East and has urged peace and protection of all civilians.

(Reporting by Ahmed Eljechtimi; Editing by Andrew Cawthorne)