Apple raises subscription prices for TV+, News+

(Reuters) -Apple on Wednesday increased the subscription prices of Apple TV+ and Apple News+, according to its website, the latest company to raise rates following similar moves by media giants.

The per month price of Apple TV+ has been increased by $3 to $9.99, while Apple News+ has been priced at $12.99, up from $9.99.

Recently, streaming giants Netflix and Disney too had raised their prices as they look to boost growth amid intense competition.

Netflix increased subscription prices for some streaming plans in the United States, Britain and France when it reported results last week.

Disney said in August it would raise by 27% the price of the ad-free tier of the Disney+ service to $13.99 and hike by 20% the no-ad version of Hulu.

(Reporting by Anirudh Saligrama and Samrhitha Arunasalam in Bengaluru; Editing by Shweta Agarwal)