Ukraine holds peace formula talks in Malta, Russia absent

By Christopher Scicluna

VALLETTA (Reuters) – National Security Advisers from around 65 countries have gathered in Malta for a weekend meeting organised by Ukraine to discuss its peace formula for ending the war with Russia.

It is the third such meeting this year after smaller ones in Jeddah and Copenhagen but Russia is not involved.

A 10-point peace plan proposed by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy includes calls for the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, withdrawal of Russian troops, protection of food and energy supplies, nuclear safety and the release of all prisoners.

The meeting is being held in a Maltese hotel ballroom behind closed doors, but officials said it was hoped it would lead to agreement to hold a global peace summit later this year.

The talks will help gauge Ukraine and the West’s ability to drum up continued and broader support, particularly in the Global South, as the conflict in Israel dominates headlines, moving the focus from Kyiv.

Moscow last week criticised Malta for hosting it, describing it as an anti-Russia event that would be counter-productive.

Malta’s foreign minister, Ian Borg, said Malta would continue to show its support to efforts for the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

“Despite being a neutral country, we cannot not condemn the injustices, atrocities and abuse of power in the region. We remain at the forefront of condemning this aggression,” he told delegates.

No official list of delegates was issued, but officials said they include representatives of European, South American, Arab, African and Asian countries.

(Reporting by Christopher Scicluna; Additional reporting by Olena Harmash; editing by David Evans)