India announces phased introduction of biogas blending for domestic use

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India will start blending compressed biogas with natural gas to boost domestic demand and cut reliance on natural gas imports, the government said in a statement on Saturday.

The mandatory phased introduction will start at 1% for use in automobiles and households from April 2025, it said. The share of mandatory blending will then be increased to around 5% by 2028.

India, which is one of the world’s largest importers of oil and gas, ships in about half of its overall gas consumption and wants to cut its imports cost.

The government also aims to have 1% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in aircraft turbine fuel by 2027, doubling to 2% in 2028. The SAF targets will initially apply to international flights, the statement said.

The steps are aimed at helping India achieve net zero emissions targets by 2070.

(Reporting by Nidhi Verma; Writing by Krishn Kaushik; Editing by Mike Harrison)