Germany’s climate commitments uncertain amid budget crisis – COP envoy

BERLIN (Reuters) – Many of Germany’s future international climate commitments are uncertain amid a budget crisis that has frozen government finances in Europe’s biggest economy, a government representative at the COP28 climate summit was quoted as saying.

Germany’s constitutional court ruled last month that the government’s decision to re-allocate 60 billion euros of unused funds for pandemic-era aid to its climate and transformation fund was unconstitutional, pushing Berlin to freeze its budget plans for this year and next.

Jennifer Morgan, Germany’s special climate envoy, told the Spiegel news magazine that the country’s international climate protection projects are not directly affected by the ruling but that the government was still working on how the redeployment will ultimately take place.

“These funds are secured for 2023, everything else is currently being examined,” Morgan said.

(Reporting by Riham Alkousaa, Editing by Rachel More)