Mali and Niger revoke tax cooperation treaties with France

BAMAKO (Reuters) – Mali and Niger have revoked two treaties with France for cooperation and administrative assistance in tax matters, their governments said in a statement on Tuesday.

The two West African countries are both run by military juntas that seized power in coups and have been taking steps to distance themselves from former colonial ruler France, which had previously been a close partner in security and other areas.

The statement revoked one agreement with France from 1972 which was meant to avoid double taxation and “establish rules of reciprocal assistance” in various tax matters. The other agreement had similar aims.

“The persistent hostile attitude of France against our states… added to the unbalanced character of these agreements causing a considerable shortfall for Mali and Niger,” said the joint statement, which was shared by Mali’s foreign ministry on social media.

There was no immediate reaction from Paris.

(Reporting by Tiemoko Diallo; Writing by Nellie Peyton; Editing by Christina Fincher)