Kenya Airways warns of disruptions in holiday season due to spare parts shortages

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Kenya Airways has told its customers to be prepared for potential disruptions to its flights schedule during the busy Christmas holiday season due to shortages of spare parts.

The carrier, one of the biggest in Africa, said the lack of parts, which is affecting the global supply chain, would disrupt flights for about two weeks.

“These challenges are leading to extended ground time of our aircraft for maintenance,” it said in a statement seen by Reuters on Monday. “This may also lead to grounding of one or more of our aircraft.”

The airline first flagged the problems it is grappling with due to spare parts shortages in January this year. At the time, it attributed the shortages to the Ukraine war, which crippled the Russian supply chain for global aviation.

Supply of titanium from Russia, a key raw material for the aviation industry crucial to the maintenance of planes, had been interrupted by the conflict, the company said at the time.

Kenya Airways, whose strategy hinges on connecting African travellers to the world and vice-versa through its Nairobi hub, operates a fleet of Boeing and Embraer planes.

(Reporting by Duncan Miriri, and Louise Heavens)