5 Easy Ideas to Get Your Space Christmas-Ready 

It’s the season to transform your home into a festive wonderland! Embrace the holiday spirit with these simple yet effective decor tips and you will have your space Christmas-ready in no time. 

1. Illuminate with Festive Lights

Decorating your home with fairy lights is an easy way to instantly create a cozy and magical ambiance. Hang them along shelves, drape them around frames, or weave them through houseplants. 

2. Scent the Atmosphere

The Christmas atmosphere is as much about scent as anything else. Opt for scented candles, essential oil diffusers with cinnamon or pine, or even simmering pots of water with cloves and orange peels to evoke that festive aroma.

3. Craft DIY Ornaments 

Add a personal touch by engaging in some DIY and create your own Christmas ornaments. You can make everything from paper snowflakes to cinnamon stick decorations or handmade baubles. 

4. Cozy Up with Seasonal Textiles

Swap out your everyday throw blankets and pillows for festive, holiday-themed ones. Adding these textiles is a way to incorporate more christmassy colors as well as provide cozy comfort.

5. DIY Festive Centerpieces

Getting your space Christmas-ready doesn’t have to be expensive. Create your own festive centerpieces using items you already have at home. Fill glass vases with colorful ornaments, pinecones, or cinnamon sticks.